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SAV-A-CHILD AND OUR "PARTNERS WITH CHILDREN" are doing our part  "to help hurting families and their children." Why not join the "SAV-A-CHILD TEAM" by making this ministry a subject of prayer and one of the ministries to which you give regular financial support? [address on Welcome page]  PRAYER IS THE MIGHTIEST FORCE IN THE WORLD!  Our children, youth and famlies desperately need our prayers.


You can save postage and time by using this new feature. PayPal is a safe and thoroughly protected way to give electronically.   We are happy to announce that you may now make donations to SAV-A-CHILD with your credit card, debit card, or by setting up “auto pay” through your bank.  PayPal is now set up on the Sav-a-child website with a donation button at the bottom of the menu on every page.

Your Used Vehicle

You may hold the keys to changing the life of a child!  Why not turn over the keys of your car, truck, motorcycle or motor home to SAV-A-CHILD? 

Donate you vehicle to SAV-A-CHILD and receive tax credit for your gift.  The pick up is free, and your gift is valuable to us and helpful to your tax return!

Call 1-904-762-1937 and have your title ready when the vehicle is picked up!

Gifts from your Estate

As a supporter of the work of the Kingdom of God, why not include SAV-A-CHILD in your ESTATE PLANS? We've had several folks who have included SAV-A-CHILD in their will or trust.  At death, the Christian believer is rewarded with heaven, and his/her estate or trust can continue to bless the work of the Kingdom!

Pray about including SAV-A-CHILD in your will or trust and have the satisfaction that hurting children and their families will continue to be helped after you're in heaven

Finally, tell your friends and family about the SAV-A-CHILD Vehicle Donation Division!


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